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Faqs and Troubleshooting

If there is a question that isn't listed that you would like answered, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you with your answer as soon as possible.

Smoke Daddy Cold Smoker FAQ's

Q)   Which Smoke Daddy is right for my application?

-After years of selling the cold smoke generators, we have found that the Big Kahuna and Magnum P.I.G. are the most popular sizes and produce the best results.  For applications that are refrigerator size and smaller, we recommend the Big Kahuna.  For applications larger than a refrigerator and for pellet grills, we recommend the Magnum P.I.G.  The Magnum P.I.G. generally lasts longer and produces a higher quantity of smoke. 

Q)   What kind of fuel should I use in my Smoke Daddy?

-The Smoke Daddy’s were designed to use wood chips and wood chunks.  Now, many people like to use wood pellets, although pellets seem to choke off the air flow (which is why we include a spring baffle with each Smoke Daddy).  We recommend starting it from the bottom with some hardwood charcoal to get a good hot burn, then adding wood chips / chunks on top.  For best results, make sure you have a good hot burn with plenty of airflow through your Smoke Daddy.

Q)   How do I avoid buildup within my Smoke Daddy?

-Excess buildup is due to a low temperature burn and use of small wood chips and pellets (restricting airflow).  This is why we recommend starting it with some hardwood charcoal and using the spring baffle in order to increase the airflow for a hotter burn.  If it is burning properly, you will not experience excess buildup.  Although, since there is burning wood in a small enclosed space, there will be some build up. 

Q)   What’s the best way to clean the Smoke Daddy?

-We recommend that you clean out the Smoke Daddy every once in a while, not necessarily after every use.  The easiest way would be to rinse out any excess ash and to submerge the Smoke Daddy in luke-warm water with dish soap and soak overnight.  Then simply clean the inside of the canister with an SOS pad and remove any soapy residue.  In addition, the use of a wire brush works great as well.

Q)   What is the spring for with the Cold Smoke Generator?

-The spring allows the smoker to have better airflow in order to prevent the burn from going out.  It is especially useful if you like to use wood pellets as fuel source (although it is mainly designed for wood chips/chunks).  It just sits inside the cold smoker and acts as a chimney.


Pellet Pro® Grill / Hopper FAQ's


Q) How large of an area will one Hopper Assembly heat?

-For an Un-Insulated Smoker – We recommend an area no smaller than 4-5 square feet and no larger than 16 square feet. For larger applications, contact us to confirm if two hopper assemblies are needed.

-For an Insulated Smoker – We recommend an area no smaller than 16 square feet and no larger than 24 square feet.

***These recommendations are an average based on our experiences with different applications. If there is uncertainty about the capability of one hopper assembly, please contact us.***


Q)  Why choose Pellet Pro® over the competition?

-The Pellet Pro® grill and hopper assembly are constructed of a heavy duty thick gauge steel unlike similar grills from the competitors.  It also includes:

  • Pellet Package Deals

  • Half Rack

  • Increased cooking space

  • Side Rack & Bottom Storage Rack

  • Fully Digital Controls

  • Excellent Customer Service!

We do not believe the "big box store" philosophy and having our products on display at every one.  We believe that in order to save on cost we deal directly with our customers in order to provide them with the best pricing and great customer service.  When you buy a Pellet Pro® grill, you become part of the Smoke Daddy family.