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Here are a few reviews from our customers.  To leave a review please refer to the "Contact" tab on the navigation bar and leave us a review. 

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Thanks!     -The Smoke Daddy Team



I just want to say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I bought the upgrade kit for my Traeger that included the controller, fan, and auger motor. I now can truly set the temp and forget about it. I have not seen temp swings beyond the advertised 5 degrees.  Also the installation was very simple. I had my ten year old install the parts under my supervision. Thank you for such a great product.

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Benjamin Tucker



The new pellet pro hoppers are working flawlessly did my burn in on my new cooker yesterday afternoon. New tires are on order so don't get used to the white wall look. If you are looking to grill with these you won't have a problem I got this 300 gallon fuel barrel up to 485° on a 45° day with wind speeds around 15-20 mph. The amount of smoke these hoppers put out is just right. The computer holds the temperature amazing as well I will defiantly be recommending these hoppers to friends. Thanks Dennis and your crew!

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Smoke Daddy Customer



I ordered a pellet burner from your company almost 1 year ago and built my own smoker using a CresCore food warming cabinet. I have built several smokers and made alot of food. I recently purchased your cold smoke generator and used it for the first time yesterday. I was extremely happy with it. I just wanted to thank you and your company for a great product and customer service. I recommend your products to everyone that asks me how I do it. It's great to see a good product from a family owned company in the US. Keep it up!!!

Chad P.



Another good weekend competing at the 13th Annual Pig Out in Maysville KY. The Shriners did a great job running the cook. We received a 3rd in Pork, 2nd in Chicken, 1st in Brisket and Grand Champion. A big thanks to Dennis and his crew at Smoke Daddy Inc. Smoke Daddy Hoppers and Pellet Pro Grills are the Best. Number One in Product and Customer Service.

Paradise BBQ



I just wanted to let yo know what a great product your Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro® Cold Smoker is.  I purchased the Pellet Pro® Cold Smoker unit specifically to use in my Masterbilt electric smoker and I can say first hand how well it works and how simple it is to use.  I like my Masterbilt electric which, on it's own, cannot produce the right amount of smoke needed for small cooks   I've attached a couple of pics, pork tenderloin and meat loaf, to share(OK for you to add to your gallery)of the Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro® Cold Smoker in action.  I've realized I can adjust the amount of pellets I can use to get the right amount time I need get right amount smoke infused into the food.  I was so impressed I bought one for my nephew.

Thanks for a great product!

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Jeff Hatwig



"I purchased the Smoke Ring Pellet Smoker and 3 kinds of your Pellets quite sometime back. Up to today, I have never used it to date because of some health problems and and then the weather being too hot for me to get out into it ...... Today was a nice day and I used the Smoke Ring for the first time along with your 30% blend Hickory Pellets on 4 slabs of ribs in my Masterbuilt 40" Blue Tooth Smoker. I placed it in the bottom of smoker, left hand side, 2" off the floor, where where I used to place the Maze and of which would never stay lit and your Smoke Ring worked to PERFECTION. Stayed lit with the perfect amount of smoke. Just wanted you to know that I am overly happy with the Smoke Ring." 


Jim Miles



Hi Dennis,

This is Chef Greg,
I just wanted to write you a note letting you know how I feel about my new Pellet Pro.
WOW! This thing is built like a tank. Let's start with packing: Even the styrofoam is heavy duty! Are you kidding me!
My Pellet Pro arrived packed secure and safe and I picked it up from the carrier and drove it home in the rain. Everything stayed bone dry
including the free pellets!
Now for the Pellet Pro: I notice small details first such as the legs and casters. They both are built strong to hold this heavy, well built grill.
It is nice to know that some things are worth what you pay for them. The grill itself is very heavy duty and looks aweswome as well. The most impressive is the hopper/PID control, It is extremely accurate. I hope you hold a patent on that thing.
I have to be honest, I almost bought the Traeger until I checked out some forums online and Smokedaddy/Pellet Pro kept coming into conversations everywhere so I started comparing the two. Yours is built better with thicker steel, your controller is more accurate and you get way more cooking surface. When I compared these things and price and the fact that you throw in a free cover and 120 pounds of pellets, you came out on top. Come on man, free pellets! Are you kidding me? Nice incentive.
I have been a professional chef for 28 years and I have never seen a product in my field built so well.
So; for what it's worth, congrats on mastering your craft sir. I will tell all my chef friends about your line of products. 
I will be purchasing your cold smokeing attachement in a few weeks and can't wait to post some pics on your site.
Good Eats and and God Bless,
Chef Greg
Chef Greg Anderson - 6/15/16



Last year was the first time I ever saw a pellet grill.  I started reading all about how they work I happened to see that I could buy just the hopper assembly.  So I bought the Best Hopper assembly from Smoke Daddy. Installed it into a char broil grill started smoking right away. 
Smoked for my neighbors daughters graduation party 2 butts and 3 racks of baby back ribs. Everyone loved the food they all kept coming up to me saying it was the best ribs and pulled pork they ever had. I would like to thank Smoke daddy for getting me started in the great smoking adventurer.
Have a Great Day!

Tom L.



Just wanted to thank y'all for the wonderful service I have received from you company. Every time I needed anything for my pit the service has been exceptional. Keep up the good work and I look forward to any future business with Smoke Daddy.

Shawn Carlin



Wow if you are in the market for a smoker I can not recommend Smoke Daddy Inc any higher! Where the product failed slightly their insrwdible customer service well made up for. This thing cooks extremely well, consistent, and repeatable. (Of course some of this product is dependent on your construction of the cooking vessel, but their equipment dependable)

Their customer service it flat out amazing! NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER have I enjoyed talking to a company prior to them. I bought one a couple years ago and made a UDS out of it. After the 3rd start the igniter quit working. I kept using it still despite having to take the guts out of the smoker and getting filthy each time. What can I say I procrastinate.I got up to smoke some meat today and decided finally to contact them to get a new hot shot. I emailed them and within an hour had a response on cost (rediculously low) and to call them to order. By the time I had gotten off the phone I received the PayPal email confirming the order. And within an hour after that the part was confirmed shipped!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ASTOUNDING AND REFRESHING. This is what customer service is supposed to be!

Mylinda Wood - September 16, 2015



I cannot explain it and it's my wife's comments. She said there's something going on that this Pellet Pro Grill immediately starts very fast and it heats up immediately to temperature. The food is done much faster and evenly due I think to the design or reflector plate or size? I looked close and the top cover is very heavy stainless. I am so impressed and pleased with this grill. I can't get over how it controls temperature. For the investment you will never beat this grill. I have been doing this for a good 6 years now on another brand and there is absolutely a difference in how this grill works.

Jerry Brown



Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with how you shipped my large pellet pro. Many pellet grill companies would not pack so professionally. I'm also please with the construction of this grill. It is far sturdier than the traeger pro series that's the same size as your large grill. And performance I'm also pleased with so far. Just got mine and only used a 3 times this week but worked flawlessly. My wife and I have been thinking about starting a bbq vending business and if it takes off I will most likely be buy again from you. Thanks for the heat grill.

Calvin M.


From Paradise Competition BBQ Team

Here is the results from this past weekend at the KY Beef Festival.

1st place in Burger using the Pellet Pro Grill, 3rd in Brisket, People's Choice and Best in Show in the Professional Class!

From Paradise Competition BBQ Team



I just used my Big Daddy Cold Smoker ( The Big Kahuna ) for the first time and I love it. It is very easy to install and quick to get smoken. The Kahuna is a lot more efficient than all other smokers I have had. I threw out the Bradley that I had, and this is the last one I will ever buy. Well, ok, I lied as I may get the Magnum P.I.G. when I build my monster smoker.

If you are looking for a Canadian Distributer, please contact me. I will put my reputation behind your products.




The burn pot was clean. Pushed start, mid, 225. After 8 minutes I looked, not a lot of pellets in the bpot. Stopped the test. I restarted from scratch, but feed cycle for 1 minute. After that powered up, mid then 225. After 20 minutes 223 when I hit the power to cycle off.

Dennis you rock. Now I know I need to feed for 45 to 1 min then mid and temp. This pid rocks. This is the grill going with me to cook the royal open.



John H.

I have your Big Kahuna also and I love it ..... I smoke a ton of cheese with it, it is mounted on my GMG... this one will go into my Weber gas grill for that awesome smoke flavor.... THANX for the great products...! ! ! ! !

John H.


A review of our Pellet Pro® Hopper

Assembly on his custom application. One thing we recommend is keeping the bottom of the hopper assembly open in order to have a good amount of airflow to the burnpot. Looks great

A review of our Pellet Pro® Hopper


An email from Customer

I have used The Big Kahuna Cold Smoker for several years and it does a great job of adding additional smoke to my Traeger pellet grill.

I recently received an email from you announcing your Pellet Pro Grill; I did not realized that Smoke Daddy was in the pellet grill business. As I reviewed your web site, I was excited to read about your controller. So excited that I ordered one, and I love it. It does everything your web site claimed. My desired cooking is maintained to within 3 degrees and it actually uses less pellets than the Traeger controller.

I am more than pleased with all of the support, service and the quality of your products

An email from Customer