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Winners Circle (6)

Here are some of our customers and BBQ teams that have had great success with our products.  From winning BBQ competitions to claiming their BBQ is the best, we at Smoke Daddy Inc. are proud to offer a high quality product with excellent customer service.

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T-Mac Smokin' BBQ Team

"Although we have been back from our "Vacation with a Purpose" for a week, its been hell catching up with work and I want to send a much overdue shout out of appreciation to Dennis Correa and Elizabeth Joy Correa for their assistance in getting me the awesome Pellet Pro Smokers,, for use at the Smokin Hot BBQ Competition in Puerto Rico last month. Great people with great customer service and enthusiasm to get you what you need. They can pellet hopper any cooking chamber that you may want to turn into a smoker and the PID Controller is spot on."

Special thanks also to Cookinpellets as well for the 100% Hickory pellets that I so love...and rocks my ribs!

It was the same grills that got us the Grand there last year but "Death by Chicken" took us out to 11th place this year in spite of a 2nd in ribs, 6th in pork and 9th in Briskey. We had fun with the ancillaries placing 3rd in steak behind our good friends and "BBQ Vacation Buddies" Mike and Rosemary Colvin from 5-Finger BBQ taking 1st in steak and 4th place overall.

Congratulations to Shiggin and Grinnin on their GC and to our other "BBQ Vacation Buddies" Chad Cooke and Maria Caputa Cooke on their ability to survive the Rum Moonshine Tour.

As with last year big thank you to Pedro J. Vivoni and his way better half Brenda for all they do to make us all feel so welcome when we are in Puerto Rico!

And lastly Kudos as well to the Caribbean BBQ Association and the Organizer Michael Compton and his team for putting on a major contest at a new venue and all they did to properly accommodate the teams."

t mac pr t mac pr 2 t mac pr 2015

T-Mac Smokin' BBQ Team


Paradise BBQ

I would like to thank Dennis and all his Crew for your support and a Great product. We cook competition in Pro KCBS and Open Cook-Off here in Kentucky. Have cooked in GA and FL. The new competition controllers are running + or - 2 degrees. The last cook we were in was an Open Class. We won 1st in Chicken, Ribs, Pulled Pork and Brisket. Also taking Grand Champion. Anyone looking to get great BBQ in Competition or at Home needs to consider the Smoke Daddy Hoppers and Grill. Once again thanks for a great product and letting us get a few hour sleep at the Competitions. Paradise BBQ Danville Ky.

This will be our 3rd season using the Smoke Daddy hopper and the Pellet Pro Grill. Great product and number one in customer service. The smokers we built hold around plus or minus 2 degrees. Had our best year last year. Anyone wanting to up your game should look at their Product.

paradise paradise bbq 3 paradise bbq

Paradise BBQ


5 Finger BBQ

The 2016 competition season is officially underway for 5 Finger BBQ! We just got home from the sunny Caribbean where we competed in the Smokin' Hot BBQ Competition Puerto Rico! Saturday was filled with ancillary categories of burgers, wings, steak, and pork chops, with a full KCBS competition on Sunday. Day one was highlighted by a first place call in the Steak category, which earned us a golden ticket to the World Food Championships in November! Day two came with a 4th place in Chicken, 3rd place ribs, 16th in pork and 6th place brisket, adding up to a 4th overall. Not a bad way to knock off the rust from a cold Wisconsin winter.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Smoke Daddy Inc. for all their help, and supplying us with great cookers to use on the island. Their equipment performed flawlessly and we couldn't have done it with out them. Check out all their products at

5 finger SD 5 finger t mac

5 Finger BBQ


Blue Line BBQ


My name is Matthew. I have a cook team called Blue Line BBQ. We are out of Winter Haven, Fl. A few months back I ordered and received your pellet hopper assembly. I converted my stick burner into a pellet cooker using your assembly. A lot of seasoned cookers around here told me they didn't think it would work. Since then, we've competed in four competitions, won a grand championship, and finished top 10 overall in each. I've had one minor issue with my cooker but it was easily fixed. I wanted to thank you for a great product and will continue to order products from your company. I've found that your product produces truer temps and even cooks compared to other name brands that I've used; with far less issues.

I've attached a photo of my cooker and our team. The Smoke Daddy logo panel is on my trailer along with my sponsors. Again, thanks!

Blue Line blue line 2

Blue Line BBQ


Team Uncle Bucks

From the Planes, Trains, and BBQ contest, an FBA event in Tavares Florida, this is our 3rd Place winning Pork Box From Pro Team Uncle Bucks BBQ. Many Thanks To Our Gold Sponsor, Dennis And His Great Smoke Daddy Team For The Awsome Support In Helping Create The First And Only Pellet Pro Remote Controlled Pellet Smoker. I Am Very Pleased!   

-Buck Freeman - Pitmaster for Pro Team Uncle Bucks BBQ

uncle buck uncle buck 2

Team Uncle Bucks


Chubbs & Tubbs BBQ

Hopper user. Starting 2nd competition season Saturday with this hopper. Great product and customer service, and super nice people. My hopper always holds temps within 1-2 degrees +/-.
Last year we had a reserve GC, 1 GC , and numerous calls.

chubbs tubbs chubbs tubbs 2

Chubbs & Tubbs BBQ