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100% Oak Wood Chunks (350 cu in)


High Quality 100% Oak Wood Chunks for Smoking, BBQ, and Grilling!

Each chunk is approx. 2″x2″x4″ in size.
Packaged in a USPS Priority Box 10 -1/8″ Long 7″ Wide X 4- 3/4″ 

Oak is considered to be a Medium Smoking Wood.
A stronger wood than apple or cherry, but lighter than mesquite or hickory. Oak burns very hot, making it a great blending wood and very versatile. It imparts a medium smoky flavor that works well with any type of meat!

To smoke for a long period of time, soak the wood chunks overnight in water.
This will allow the wood to burn slower and produce a nice constant amount of smoke.

MADE in Michigan, USA!



Weight 7 lbs

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