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Pellet Pro® Smoke Ring Cold Smoker & Pellet Pro® Charcoal Pellet Blend Combo!

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Introducing the newest addition to the Smoke Daddy line, the Pellet Pro® Smoke Ring Cold Smoker.   With much research the new design facilitates the airflow in order to keep the burn from extinguishing, creating a cleaner burn.

This cold smoker is designed to use wood pellets and for best results, use at temperatures 250 degrees and below. 

Unlike other cold smokers that operate in a similar fashion, the unique circular design allows the Pellet Pro® Smoke Ring to be refilled without the hassle of relighting.  In addition, it is specifically designed to be used in two different configurations: the first to be used from 2-3 hours of smoke and the other from 6-8 hours of smoke.

Takes up only 75in sq of space in your grill/smoker which creates a small footprint!

Made from a heavy gauge stainless steel screen with large openings, the Pellet Pro® Smoke Ring will hold up to the demands of smoking and allows the maximum amount of airflow to facilitate a proper burn.  All ash that results from the pellets are contained within the Pellet Pro® Smoke Ring after your smoking session, eliminating any unnecessary cleaning.

Includes 1-1/2 lbs of the Oak Pellet Pro® Blend Pellets FREE!!!


Purchase the Pellet Pro® Blend Pellets Separately in 3lb & 20lb Bags!

2 Pellet Blends wht

Blended specifically for the Pellet Pro® Smoke Ring Cold Smoker, we offer the Pellet Pro® Pellet Blend. 

Our Pellet Pro® Blend Pellets are blended with 30% Charcoal Pellets which makes this specific blend unique.


  When burned, the Charcoal produces a natural nitrate that enhances the smoke ring on your meat.  It also burns slightly hotter than the wood pellets, preventing the smoker from extinguishing.

 Wood Flavors:

  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Maple

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