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Packaging Policy


We inspect each pellet grill/hopper for damage before we ship them.

WE have found that shipping can be very rough on the package and its contents. (No matter how many fragile stickers we put on the box) we attach 3" heavy gauge protections for added protection.

We will only send our grills by freight in one box strapped to a custom made pallet. They come semi assembled to avoid any damage.

This is costly but we go the extra mile for our customers.


For Grills & Stainless Steel Spit Roaster:

When ordering, please provide a phone # so that that freight company can contact you. Due to the size and weight, we offer FREE SHIPPING either to a business address that has a forklift/loadingdock OR to the nearest freight terminal that we would determine to be picked up from. The freight company will call you once the grill arrives and you may pick it up from there. For an additional $80-$100 we can also deliver to a residential home address. For an additional $50, we can deliver to a farm address with a forklift.

Additional Accessorials may be subject to additional charges.

Home deliveries from the Freight terminal are the buyers responsibility to arrange. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

All Other Products:

Free Shipping includes Standard 3-7 day shipping.  Expedited Shipping Options are available.  Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.


General Warranty: (Includes Cold Smokers, Hopper Assemblies, Spit Roasters, Parts and Accessories)

We offer our 30-day money back guarantee where if you are not satisfied with the grill we will offer a full refund.

Within 1 year of purchase, we warranty any parts/components that become faulty.

A 5% restocking fee will result in any grill, spit roaster, or hopper assembly returns where the seller is not at fault if a return is requested.


Pellet Grill Warranty:

3-Year Limited Warranty:  Covers the Pellet Pro® PID Controller if any manufacturer defects arise within three years from the purchase date.

7-Year Limited Warranty:  Covers all electrical and mechanical components (excluding the Pellet Pro® PID Controller) such as; Auger Motor, Induction Fan Motor and Hot Rod Ignitor if any manufacturer defects arise within seven years from the purchase date.  

Conditions & Exceptions to Limited Warranties:
-During the terms of both limited warranties, Smoke Daddy Inc.’s (SDI) obligations shall be limited to the replacement of covered or failed components.
-The limited warranties do not apply if the product has not been installed, cleaned, maintained and/or operated in accordance to the instructions set forth by SDI.   Neither will SDI be responsible for replacement parts caused by damage due to negligence, improper handling, modifications and/or misuse.
-The limited warranties do not apply to any damage or alterations caused by natural dissasters.
-The limited warranties do not apply to any damage or alterations caused in a commercial setting.
-SDI ensures that all grills contain a heat resistant paint that can withstand normal usage.  The limited warranties to not apply to any rust or oxidation   
caused by corrosive outside substances such as; high temperatures, chlorine, industrial strength cleaners, fertilizers, excessive humidity, salts, or over
  exposure to outside conditions.
-No warranties, either expressed or implied, can be extended to any persons who have not purchased the Pellet Pro® Grill directly from SDI or any
 authorized SDI Distributor.
-The Customer is responsible for shipping costs to send covered or failed components back to SDI.  SDI will be responsible for shipping costs for
 replacement parts to the customer.  
-Once the faulty component has been inspected by SDI, SDI will ship out the replacement component within 1-2 business days of
  receiving.  If the component is not found faulty, then the problem must be determined by SDI and the customer.