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100% Hardwood Wood Pellets & Smoking Wood Chips!!

And be sure to try our revolutionary Smoke Ring cold smoker!

You Can Smell - And Taste!- The Flavor!

FREE SHIPPING!!! (Not Including the 240lb Sale)

PelletsThe problem we have found with most pellets is they smell like there is green wood in them or there is some kind of filler wood being used. We also believe some pellets that are for heating are used and you never know what’s in them.

We have found pellet manufacturers that meet our high standards of quality and now we are offering them to you.  We buy in bulk and pass on the savings to you!

The use of pellets will provide you with a longer smoking time than wood chips. Both pellets and wood chips will work in the Smoke Daddy.

1 Ton or 1/2 Ton Pallet of Pellets

Give us a call at 847-336-1329 and we can determine pricing and flavor choices for a 1 Ton Pallet of wood pellets in your desired flavor!

Due to various countries' laws regarding the importing of some wood products, please ensure you can legally import our wood pellets.

BBQ Pellets & Wood Chips