Ton of Lumberjack BBQ Wood Pellets

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Smoke Daddy Inc. is now the Midwest Online Wholesaler for Lumberjack Brand BBQ wood Pellets!

Purchase High Quality BBQ Pellets by the Ton

$799.99($.40 per lb)

With FREE SHIPPING Within the Midwest!

Not in the Midwest? We will determine if any additional shipping cost is required.

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Why is Lumber Jack so popular?

Simple! The flavor of any tree is in the Metabolites or cambium layer of the growing tree. This means that all BBQ pellets made from residual sawdust as a byproduct are generally comprised of the core kiln dried wood, for example the sawdust from a hickory furniture or hammer handle factory is void of flavor or only a very weak carryover from the growth in the cambium layer. When the old timers smoked meat and fish they did not take the bark off the wood they gathered for this very same reason. We are a round log plant which means we harvest actual trees and chip them up as green chips, with full flavor to make our BBQ pellets. We all work hard for our money and we expect the best product we can buy for our dollars, not some Inexpensive to manufacture product, that is nothing more than a low flavor gimmick product.

We made sure all our products were pure virgin tree stock and not some contaminated by product.

Don’t get confused

When we say we debark the red oak base material on our blends, we do this for a very specific reason. It costs extra money to do this step. Because the smoke flavor you’re looking for and expecting is in the bark, we take the bark off the oak so it allows the full rich flavor to come through of the pellet flavor such as Hickory blend and Maple blend. This allows us to have the strongest flavor in our blends! All our 100% varieties are full flavor and all logs are picked logs not dragged logs so no dirt has accumulated to create clinkers in the ash.

Want mixed flavors on the pallet? Let us know the desired flavors for only an additional $50.

Blended Flavors Contain: 60% Debarked Red Oak and 40% Hardwood Flavor


We deliver to the ENTIRE Midwest Area!

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Shipping Policy:

When ordering, please provide a phone # so that that freight company can contact you. Due to the size and weight, we offer FREE SHIPPING either to a business address that has a forklift/loading dock OR to the nearest freight terminal that we would determine to be picked up from. The freight company will call you once the pellets arrive and you may pick it up from there. For an additional $80, we can also delivery the pellets to a residential home address.

Home deliveries from the Freight terminal are the buyers responsibility to arrange. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.