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DIY Bradley Smoker Upgrades


Tired of buying those expensive wood pucks for your Bradley Smoker?  One thing that a few of our customers do is Add extra smoke by using the Smoke Daddy BBQ Cold Smoker.  You can also add that extra smoke to your Green Mountain Grill smoker , Louisiana Grill smoker, Traeger, Pit Boss. Camp Chef, Big Green Egg or any other BBQ grill.

Cold smokers attached to a Bradley Smoker are great for smoking;

  • LOX
  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Ribs
  • Chicken
  • Jerky

The Smoke Daddy can be easily attached to your Bradley Smoker or any other BBQ grill to add extra smoke. After being loaded with wood smoking chips / chunks just light from the bottom with a propane torch. The unit is fitted with a small adjustable air pump.  It will add smoke to your Bradley smoker without having to use those expensive wood pucks.  The Smoke Daddy will produce smoke for up to 4 hrs+ on a full load and is easily reloaded from the top if you desire a longer smoking time  We offer other smoking devices like the Smoke Ring or the BBQube that will also add extra smoke to your Bradley Smoker

The Smoke Daddy cold smokers are designed specifically to use dry wood chips and wood chunks to provide a true wood flavor smoke.


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