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January 12, 2018
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Buy A Good Wood Pellet Smoker From US

Many may wonder about wood pellet grills.  It is a category of a grill that depends on circular hardwood food-grade pellets for combustion. The puny mass of the pellets helps it to burn without much residue. Wood pellet smokers give out lignin compound in smoke and it enhances the taste of the meat.

There is an induction fan in the cooking chamber which ensures that cooking is done from all sides of the meat. Wood pellet smokers evenly distribute flavor. Wood pellet grill cooks slowly at low temperature and faster when the temperature is high.

Advantages of The Pellet Grill

  • Any variety of meat can be cooked through this grill.
  • Preheating is quick taking 15 minutes maximum
  • Temperature can be controlled through digital controller manually setting it anywhere between 160 degrees F to 450 degrees F
  • Our grills are equipped with a PID Controller that will maintain your set temperature within 5 degrees.
  • Designed to be used in a residential or commercial setting
  • Combustible Wood pellets flavor being offered by the market are alder, cherry, maple, apple, and hickory. More than single flavor can be used in cooking the meat.
  • One unit of 35 pounds of the pellet is enough for cooking food multiple times. By a rough estimate cooking through grill will use 2 pounds of pellets each hour. Factors that make variations are temperature and wind. On a windy day and cooking in the open will consume more pellets.

Made from 13 & 14 gauge steel and stainless steel, these grills will last for many years of BBQ enjoyment.

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