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Our Best Brisket


Our Best Brisket
A Pellet Grill Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 6 hours @ 225 degrees (107c)
Grill: Pellet Pro Wood Grill/Smoker
Pellets: Lumberjack Hickory/Oak/OHC/MHC

Ingredients: Brisket

  • Brisket, ours was 9 Lbs.
  • The Salt Lick brand “Dry Garlic Rub”
  • Horseradish Mustard

Our Best Brisket
A Pellet Grill Recipe

Directions: Brisket

Trim your brisket as needed, this one didn’t need much. Then, score the fat cap to allow your seasoning to penetrate it and reach the meat. Do a nice coat on the meat with the Horseradish Mustard to form a crust and hold your rub on. Add a good coating of your rub and “rub” it into the meat. Off to the grill. I was expecting a 10 hour cook but this was ready to pull at 6 hours. Go by temperature here. When you have an internal temperature of 160 degrees (72c) pull it and wrap in foil before returning back to the grill. Continue smoking at 225 degrees (107c) until you reach an internal temperature of 200 degrees (92c). Now, pull it and put it in a cooler to rest for 2 hours, believe it or not in 2 hours time it is still screaming hot. I’ll be serving the flat sliced and doing burnt ends with the point

Our Best Brisket
Our Best Brisket

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