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The Pellet Pro® Sidekick Tailgate Style Pellet Grill



The New Sidekick Tailgate Style Pellet Smoker from Pellet Pro®!

Now you can grill, smoke, sear, cook pizzas and much more on the go!

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Now you can have the best of both worlds with a portable pellet grill: stable temperatures along with high quality smoke!

Includes a pizza stone for cooking high quality frozen or fresh pizzas.

Sidekick Features:

  • 1170 cu inches of Cooking Volume
  • 14″x16″ Stainless Steel Grate (223 sq inches)
  • Includes a FREE Pizza Stone!
  • Includes a FREE high quality cover!
  • Separated hopper assembly; won’t cause excessive heat in the hopper assembly
  • 15lb Capacity Hopper Assembly (Largest tailgate style hopper on the market)
  • Hopper assembly pellet viewing window
  • Includes our Exclusive PID Controller
  • Temperature Range from 180°F to 450°F in 5° increments
  • Includes a 5ft Meat Probe with Access Hole
  • Removable Burnpot for easy cleanup
  • Lid Adjustment Plate for increasing the ventilation
  • Reverse Flow Style Back Vent
  • Retractable Side Handles
  • Easy access grease tray
  • High Quality lid temperature gauge
  • 13ga Drip Pan
  • Operating Voltage: AC 110V ±10%, 60Hz
Weight71 lbs
Dimensions28 × 20 × 15 in


Cooking Area: 224 sq Inches

  • Stainless Steel Rack:  14″x16″

Standing Dimensions:  (LxWxH)

  • 25″ x 19″ x 17″ (LxWxH)



Due to the small volume of the Sidekick Smoker, it is mainly designed for maintaining temperatures 225°F and above.

In order to maintain lower temperatures, additional ventilation is required to allow the heat to escape better.

Also, unlike larger applications, the controller will not be able to maintain the set temperature within 5-10°.


Product Warranty

  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs to send failed components back to Smoke Daddy Inc.  SDI will be responsible for shipping costs for replacements to the customer.
  • Once the faulty component has been inspected by SDI, SDI will ship out the replacement component within 1-2 business days of receiving.  If the component is not found faulty, then the problem must be determined between SDI and the Customer.

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Sidekick Manual

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