Proper Pig Roasting Technique in A Stainless Steel Pig Roaster

Proper Pig Roasting Technique in A Stainless Steel Pig Roaster

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Proper Pig Roasting Technique in A Stainless Steel Pig Roaster


Nowadays backyard grilling has become much popular all around the world. It is an amazing way to enjoy some moments with family members and relatives. Backyard grilling party includes enjoying tasty foods like chicken and hamburgers and that too in an open grill. This type of backyard grilling is commonly known as the BBQ. The main stage of BBQ arrangement is the grill.

It is Essential To Know The Exact Process of Pig Roasting

  • The first and foremost way of pig roaster process is to put the pig ribs in between the internal racks of the roster. Next, use the S hooks to secure the rib with racks. Then close the BBQ box and place charcoal grid on it.
  • Once you place the charcoal grid, add almost 15 to 18 lbs of charcoal in the pig roaster and light up the fire.
  • After 20-25 minutes you can see that all the charcoals have started to turn into grey colour. After an hour, shift the charcoal grip to empty the ash out from pig roaster.
  • Continue this process for next three hours by raising and shifting the grey coloured charcoal above the pig roaster. Once, you pass the third hour, it will be the time to flip your pig.
  • Try to hold the edge of the top rack of your pig roaster and then start to flip the pig so that the side skin can face upwards. Once, you flip the pig, it is the time to again replace the charcoal ash and to add some fresh charcoal above the pig roaster.
  • After the first flip of the pig’s skin, it gradually takes almost 45 minutes to get start crisp. Keep watching the time and when the skin will start to turn into bronze colour and your BBQ pig roast is ready.
  • It normally takes 180-degree Celsius temperature to roast a full pig in the pig roaster. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature otherwise it normally takes four hours to complete the whole BBQ process.

Buy A Pig Roaster Made Of Stainless Steel To Enjoy A Proper BBQ Evening With Mates

Now, when you have learned the pig roasting procedure in a pig roaster, it is time to buy a perfect roaster. A pig roaster made of stainless steel is the most suitable one. In this regards, Smoke Daddy Inc. is one of the famous and reputed manufacturers. Their 59-inch stainless steel charcoal spits rotisserie with upgraded full hood can be the most suitable product for you.

Small Specifications About The Stainless Steel Pig Roaster From Smoke Daddy Inc.

  • This pig roaster currently costs $999.99 and is designed for both commercial and personal use. It comes with 5 spit positions and also very much is to install. This pig roaster weighs 100 lbs.
  • It is made of 100% pure 18 gauge stainless steel and comes with a front mounted temperature gauge, 5 adjustable back vents and torque rating of 132 lb.
  • The pig roaster comes with some free accessories including a 61 inch long S/S spit, hoof clamp, hand crank and two 8 inch long forks.
  • Smoke Daddy Inc offers 30 days money back guarantee for each of their pig roasters. So, don’t waste any more time and buy your own stainless steel pig roaster from us.
  • You can visit the website to know more details about the product and buy it online.

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