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110v Outlet & USB Chargers for Pellet Hopper Assembly

Add a 110v Outlet and USB Chargers to your Hopper Assembly!

Use the 110v outlets to power any external probes or other electronics!

Charge your phone or mobile device using the USB Chargers!

Easily connects to the existing Molex Connectors.


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Product Description

This can be added to any Pellet Pro® Hopper Assembly that features a removable cover plate on the back side of the hopper.

For hopper assemblies without the removable cover plate, cut a 2-1/2″ x 3-7/8″ hole on the side of the hopper to mount the outlet.

USB Specs:

  • Class D.DC5V 4.2A

110v Outlet Specs:

  • 20A 125V 60Hz

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 6 in