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  • William Harper
    I used my sear daddy yesterday for the first time.  5 Big rib eye's.  The sear daddy did as advertised. Best tasting steaks in a long time.  But you have to play with it as I had a couple of flare ups. Overall I am glad that I have it and will stay on my smoker until I smoke brisket.
    William Harper
  • William Harper
    I just bought the Sea Station on the first of October and is already on my pellet grill.  I fired up to burn off the impurities, tested the temp with my infrared, and it will do what they say!  This is going to stay on my grill unless I smoke a brisket.  I will sear the brisket, move it off my smoker, then put on my welder gloves and apron and take it off and smoke the brisket.  Thank you smoke daddy for prompt  shipping!
    William Harper
  • Butch
    I just wanted to say that I own two of the 1190 grills and I'm extremely happy with the quality of the build!  We just had that hurricane down there and we were in winds for over six hours over 100 mile an hour and both of my smokers got blown off of my pad that work plans is on and they both dropped about 4 feet down on the ground. Went through all that rain and all that stuff and we got them back up here and turned them up right cleaned them out got them all put back together and believe it or not both of them fired right up.  Thanks again for a great quality product!
  • Eric Weis
    Bought a Pellet Pro, vertical smoker. Great product…sturdy, well built.  More importantly, the Customer Service is outstanding! Each time I have reached out to Dennis and his team the response was both timely and spot on.  I ran into a self created issue while smoking pork butts on Sunday and e-mailed Dennis thinking he would get back to me in the next day or two. He got back to me with some problem solutions that evening!!!!   Previously, I had owned two Masterbuilt Vertical Smokers, one 30 inch and one 40 inch. When I had some problems with the Controller electronics on both units at the same time, The customer service was horrendous.    In short, my Smoke Daddy purchase and follow up has far exceeded my expectations!
    Eric Weis
  • Percy Mayfield
    I've been using the charcoal pellets for a few years now…. I wouldn't own a pellet grill without these pellets. Dealing with Dan S at Smoke Daddy is always a pleasure, he is always so accommodating and helpful. I've referred a few folks to Smoke Daddy and they are all pleased with the service, speed of order, and quality of product.
    Percy Mayfield
  • Ron Gorney
    Just purchased the sear station for my smoke daddy. Absolutely a must for steaks, pizza, and burgers. Awesome job guys. Next will be the Big Kahuna smoke generator.
    Ron Gorney
  • Justin Buckles
    I bought the PID controller and heat diffuser and the smoke stack and all of it was great quality..  My grill works better then ever and the shipping was super fast..   Love this company!
    Justin Buckles
  • Steve Jang
    Excellent customer service, courteous, professional, honest and prompt replies!  No joke!!  Thank you from middle of Pacific Ocean.
    Steve Jang
  • Leland Cox
    This is AWESOME.  I bought the Magnum P.I.G. Simplest instructions EVER.  Put it together and in minutes, I was smoking an entire pig.  The BBQ was phenomenal for a gas cooker.  Everyone asked how I smoked the pork on a gas grill, and I spent hours showing off the product.  The only hiccup was that the baffle overheated and ended up as crooked as a question mark.  With that being said I would, without hesitation or reservation, buy this product again and promote it to ANY griller who is looking to elevate his/her food.
    Leland Cox
  • Pete Veldhuis
    I have a new Pit Boss 820 and attempted to cook a large brisk on it.  Long story short, I had nothing but problems: flame outs and huge temp swings. I decided to purchase a Patriot Pellet Pro and it is probably the best decision I’ve made in along time!  Now I have no flame outs and the temp stays within about 5 degrees.  The grill is now truly a set it and forget it!  I highly recommend the Pellet Pro to anyone who wants to truly improve the BBQ experience! This product is great!!
    Pete Veldhuis
  • Wade Krause
    Took a drive down to Illinois from Wisconsin to pick the brains of the operation! I had many questions for the crew!Dan greeted me and was very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. He allowed me to bounce my ideas about temperature balance and how to attain! Don’t know if he was blowing “smoke” up my butt, seemed to like an idea or two I had! I will post a video on their FB page when and if I manage to attain +|- 5° across my grill.Had the pleasure of meeting Dennis! He’s a hoot. Bare knuckles! No “smoke” blowing there. He told me as it was! Want to know the truth world! He told me I’m making things over complicated. Thinking about the interaction on the way home, I decided he is right! One old school fella right there! I am a bit younger and have a hard time listening to my elders. I’m seeking perfection.A+ Customer Service A+ Attitudes Love the ProductThank you Smoke Daddy for the hospitality and feed back to my concerns! Big news coming soon I hope.My best to y’all and years of success!Wade
    Wade Krause
  • Wendall Holbrooks
    I have bought several things from Smoke Daddy.   Grate company. great people, a pleasure to buy from. The cold smoker is the best. I added it to my Rectec bull and wow. Thanks again!
    Wendall Holbrooks
  • Tim McCune
    I'm a Kansas City BBQ Society Certified Master BBQ judge and I run a Facebook page for certified judges from over 12 countries.  The vertical with Heavy D provides an excellent balance between the convenience of a WiFi/PID pellet smoker and the true performance of a stick burner with outstanding performance.  Additionally, the build quality and 10 cubic foot capacity is incomparable at this price point.  Finally, shipping and customer support are on par with the best BBQ manufacturing companies.Simply put, I highly recommend the Vertical with the Heavy D.  You won't be disappointed.
    Tim McCune
  • William Hurley
    Bought the Patriot pellet hopper with burn pot unit for a retrofit to an old smoker. The unit came on time and in good condition. Made the final adjustments and brackets to attach the hopper . The first burn in went as it should few little things to adjust but went very well.  Got to smoke a tri-tip on its first run and the unit performed as it should temperature stayed put after the PID figured out the system. The tri tip was perfect!  Next, fresh Sausage was done and again the unit worked very well.  So far very happy with the system and there will be much more cooking done in the future.  Thanks Smoke Daddy!
    William Hurley
  • Clay
    I was having trouble getting my pellet grill to hold a temperature. It would swing +/- 30 ish degrees. On a hot day the best it would do was 40° over set point. I installed a Smoke Daddy PID controller as recommended by Dan and I’m consistently within 10° of setpoint often times dead on setpoint even on 90°+ days. I’m also enjoying a broader temperature range than my old controller provided and much better fine tuning. I can’t say enough good things about it. Thanks Dan for your help with my problem and you were right, this was all I needed. 
  • Thomas Harris
    Ordered some parts for my grill and had some issues.  Mostly my fault, but they replied to me on a Sunday.   I couldn’t believe it!  Also where there was a faulty part involved they sent out a new part immediately with no questions no charge. Have to say Dan is the man!!!
    Thomas Harris
  • B. Sweeney
    Smoke Daddy’s PID controller is the best!  My Camp Chef OEM controller poorly regulated the temperature and recently failed so I ordered their PID controller and 2rpm Auger Motor. To my surprise they also sent me a new thermometer for inside the smoker and a new meat thermometer! I will order all my smoker parts from them going forward.
    B. Sweeney
  • Dale Kipfmiller
    A friend of mine gave me his Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill.   The old controls were bad and he no longer used it.  I bought the Smoke Daddy Pellet Grill Rebuild Kit with the PID controls.  Absolutely amazing how steady the temp stays!   This thing is very impressive!  I love this thing.   5 stars Smoke Daddy!
    Dale Kipfmiller
  • Tony C.
    I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Emailed questions were answered same day, easy to place the order and it shipped quickly, the PID Controller fixed my fluctuating temperature problems when nothing else did. Thank You Smoke Daddy!
    Tony C.
  • Toby Martin
    The Big Kahuna Col Smoker is a game changer! I got my pellet grill cause it’s a lot easier smoking things then on charcoal grill like I’ve been doing, but after my first smoked brisket on my pit boss pellet grill I was very disappointed in the lack of smokey flavor it produced.  That’s what led me to Smoke Daddy.  Just smoked a pork tenderloin and wow I’m extremely happy in the smokey flavor it produced!  Awesome product, well made, and Dennis is awesome when I called and spoke with him about some questions I had.  I plan on smoking a brisket next weekend with this.
    Toby Martin
  • Robert Diehl
    Ordered the PID Controller.   Probably the best thing I've bought!!!  It works awesome and keeps the temperature right where it's set!  Love how it controls fan speed.  Your products are awesome!!!
    Robert Diehl
  • Scott Kraemer
    I purchased a hopper set up several years ago from Smoke Daddy and installed it on a stainless double door commercial cooler.  I used it so much that I pretty much wore it out.   Just ordered a new one and can't wait to start SMOKIN again. I also installed a Big Kahuna cold smoker.  I have made some good smoked cheese with it.Thank you for producing a great product!
    Scott Kraemer
  • Raul Nichols
    Smoke Daddy has excellent customer service. I purchased the vertical pellet smoker and made the best brisket I have ever made. Thank you Smoke Daddy!
    Raul Nichols
  • Paul LeBlanc
    I needed new parts for my 10 year old Traeger Lil' Tex. The heat diffuser and drip tray were badly warped. I ordered the Heavy "D" wood burning heat diffuser and Heavy duty drip pan. Delivery was fast and I could not be happier with the products. I used a digital fish scale to to see the difference in the drip pans weight. The original weighed in at 5 Lbs, 12 ounces. The Smoke Daddy drip Pan weighed in at 12 Lbs, 15 ounces. What a difference. I also ordered the Heavy duty auger motor, Fan Motor, SS Fire Pot and upgraded hot rod. Everything fit perfectly as advertised. When I fired it up I immediately noticed how much quieter it sounded, so I had to check to make sure both motors were running. Totally satisfied with my purchase even though I spent more than I originally intended. Smoke Daddy is the way to go.
    Paul LeBlanc
  • Steve Helmholz
    This is a company that defines customer service! Kinda like a good community hardware store used to be ……. before the box stores when they helped you solve problems. If you need them, you can call and talk to a real person who actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to their products. I went with the Big Kahuna and am very happy with the quality and performance. My advice is not to get a cold smoker that is to big for your size smoker, as they do put out lots of smoke. I have a large box smoker and wouldn't want the Big Kahuna to be any bigger. I'm able to keep a really nice blue whispy smoke for an hour or more and it's very easy to reload if you need more time on the smoke. These are the people to buy from!!
    Steve Helmholz
  • Ron Gorney
    I haven't seen this kind of customer service since the 1980's.  Absolutely delighted with the response time, and the quality of my new pellet grill.  This grill blows ALL others out of the water.  I am very pleased, keep up the great work Smoke Daddy, and thank you!
    Ron Gorney
  • Gary Tingler
    Starting on my second season with the vertical pellet smoker. This unit is a champ. I have owned 4 other pellet smokers and they do not hold a candle to the Pellet Pro Vertical. I live in VA and use it year around. It is quite a unit and due to the double wall construction very easy on the pellet use. I get very very clean smoke from this unit and you can put a ton of food in this unit. I love the trays. You can pull them out loaded with meat and the trays do not fall out. Holds temperatures to the mark. Fantastic smoker!
    Gary Tingler
  • Tom Klos
    I purchase the Heavy D smoke infuser.  I was so disappointed with my recent pellet grill purchase because of little smoke.  I tried different pellets and tubes accessories then I found the Heavy D.  Finally I have a smoker! Excellent product beautiful smoke and that great smoker flavor and smoke ring.  All I can say is buy it you'll love it!  Nicest honest people to deal with.
    Tom Klos
  • John Willis
    Purchased your pellet pro 35 lb hopper and with a few modifications, installed it on my Carolina Joe’s bbq grill! I love it, the family loves it! I also purchased your 8” cold smoke generator and have only used it once but it worked excellent and I’m excited to make many more meals with it!  I’ll buy another grill at some point when this one wears out and and put this hopper on it. I’m very happy with it, it was worth the wait for y’all to get them back in stock!
    John Willis
  • Johnsie Davis
    Ten stars!!!! My husband bought us a used Pellet Pro a few years ago and I took it over from him. I have cooked everything in it including Thanksgiving dinner, sides dishes and all. I even figured out how to fry chicken and okra in it. Last October it just stopped working (blown fuse).. I was devastated like I had lost my best friend! My husband worked with the owners of Smoke Daddy to find the problem and they bent over backwards to get our Pellet Pro going. I am very happy to have it going again. Whats for supper tonight???
    Johnsie Davis
  • Lance Fravel
    I purchased a Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator many years ago for my Traeger pellet grill, and absolutely loved it. I recently upgraded to a new Yoder pellet smoker, and wanted to upgrade my cold smoker to a Magnum P.I.G. sized smoke generator. Smoke Daddy yet again impressed me with their quality of build, quality of packaging, and AMAZING customer service!!! Dennis has been very prompt to answer my questions (I tend to ask too many) and has been nothing but kind and knowledgeable. GREAT company and GREAT service!
    Lance Fravel
  • Anonymous
    I bought the pellet Pro PID controller to replace the stock controller on a Camp Chef Smoke Pro Lux 36 . I have only used it one time but I was overly surprised at the efficiency of this controller. With the old stock controller if would take 45minutes to get the pit temperature up to 400 degrees. The first burn with the pid controller the pit temperature hit 450 degrees in 15 min. It also produced more smoke flavor because it pulses the fan once it gets up to temp allowing the pellets to smolder.
  • Wes Mattison
    I built a smoker and needed a pellet burner. I was going to buy a product sold elsewhere and was cheaper. I am glad I did not go that route. With Smoke Daddy you get a much better product and you have to keep in mind that even the best stuff made will eventually fail. I called these guys up told them my issue and had me back up and running in no time. The service is fantastic! Wouldn’t buy from anyone else!!
    Wes Mattison
  • Bryan Kleve
    I turned a fridge into a pellet smoke with the Pellet Pro PID. I have nothing but good to say about the technology behind this hopper.  Very easy to run.  Hardly uses any pellets.  And there customer service is beyond outstanding. I’m not writing this review to make people think they wanna buy these hopper assembly’s, because when it comes down to it, you're definitely getting what ya pay for. Thanks again Dennis and smokedaddyinc! From Bryan Kleve in Iowa! Stop looking and go start cooking!
    Bryan Kleve
  • Terry Brunson
    I purchased a pellet hopper assembly to put on my custom smoker. I wanted a large smoker but wanted it to be a pellet smoker for the convenience and variety of pellets. It works flawless. Keeps the temps with in 4 to 5 degrees. All the folks at Smoke Daddy have been very helpful answering questions I had about my build. Great folks and awesome service. Would rate them 10 out of 10 stars. Thanks Smoke Daddy Inc.
    Terry Brunson
  • Tony Stasiuk
    I would like to thank Dennis your costumer service is by far top notch and the pellet pro hopper is an awesome product. We have made our own smoker and with the pellet pro hopper and it makes it so much easier to control and smoke our meat. Again Thanks for everything cheers!
    Tony Stasiuk
  • Richard L
    I ordered a big Kahuna, wanted more smoke flavor from my pellet grill I always used a stick smoker,and a vertical box smoker and just couldn't get a good smoke flavor from the pellet smoker.  I called smoke daddy for some questions I had and they were very helpful.  Now I use my pellet grill only and am very happy with it.  Thanks Smoke Daddy!
    Richard L
  • Lance
    I bought the pellet pro 1190 stainless grill, absolutely love it!  Great product! I will never own any other kind of pit or smoker again!
  • R L Tarr
    Saturday afternoon and I was having a problem with my Smoke Daddy unit. I called in and once again, Dennis to rescue. One call and a quick diagnosis from Dennis and I was back up and running. I wasn't on the phone even two minutes. You can't find any better customer service than you get from Smokedaddyinc. If you're looking for a great pellet smoker, rest assured that you won't go wrong purchasing from these guys. A+.
    R L Tarr
  • Randall Kopplin
    Several years ago I purchased one of the most popular brand X pellet grills on the market, sorry I did, unit had poor temp regulation, could not smoke anything below 240, and had problems with auger jams, smoke Daddy's great customer service helped to solve the issue of temp regulation using their PID controller, needed the smoke daddy large auger motor and what Dennis at smoke daddy finally identified as the problem of auger jams was the manufacture poor auger design, installed a Smoke Daddy auger and grill works great today. Thank you smoke Daddy for all your help and assistance. I work highly recommend smoke daddy for all your pellet grilling needs.
    Randall Kopplin
  • Gary Tingler
    I purchased the Smoke Daddy vertical smoker about a month ago. I have had several vertical smokers and found things I did not like in other electric pellet smokers. Example; the pot temperature probe located down at the burn pot level. Not Good! Units not holding heat and burning a lot of pellets. Inconsistent temperatures. With Smoke Daddy, it eliminates all of these issue with the vertical smoker. I like the room that is has. I cooked enough ribs and butts to feed 40 people for my grandson going away party for boot camp. The shelves are great. They are heavy duty, you can pull them out to check your meat and they don't fall out. Temp range is fantastic. Low as 160 and I have had it as high as 475 degrees. The double wall construction holds the heat to cut down on the pellet burn. And it is quite once it get up to temp. Love it !!! Also checked the temps with external instruments. The gauges on the Smoke Daddy are right on!
    Gary Tingler
  • Chad Smith
    So the vertical smoker came today,  packaged very well,  direction were easy to follow.  Put it together in about 2 hours by myself.  Did the 30 minute burn in,  dropped the temp to 250,  smoked 4 chicken leg and thigh pieces.  I researched smokers watched reviews, read reviews  for about 3 weeks and decided yours looked liked the best.   Sometimes I get buyers remorse when I buy a big purchase like that.  One bite of the chicken told me just made the best choice ever.  I like everything about that smoker held temperature perfectly.   Can’t wait to use it again.  Pre-customer service was great answered all my questions took away some of my fears of getting my first pellet smoker.
    Chad Smith
  • Robert Portlock Sr
    Just got my Pellet Pro SS770 smoker. packaging was excellent all accessories arrived with grill on 1 pallet. Fast shipping and the quality of the smoker is excellent, no cheap metals here! Quality is very apparent! Put the legs on in 20 minutes and began the break in process. The PID controller maintain temperature well within 5 degrees. This smoker will serve my Family well for years to come. Bought the universal sear daddy with the smoker and am impressed with the thickness and quality of stainless steel. This is one heavy duty smoker/Grill. Excellent customer service! Excellent Company!!
    Robert Portlock Sr
  • Eddie Miller
    I ordered the Smoke Daddy PID Controller to replaced my Traeger Grill controller and that was the best thing I ever did.  Now I can really set it and forget it, does not change more that 3 degrees.   Love it!   Thanks Smoke Daddy
    Eddie Miller
  • Sandra McBee
    I recently purchases the Pellet Pro Vertical Smoker. I love it!! It is build like a tank & will last for ever. You have sever shelves to cook on & they slide out. The PID controller is spot on. This smoker also has heavy duty casters for ease of movement. Customer service is the best. This is a family owned business & they give the customer attention & support. I would recommend that anyone interested in buying this smoker take a look at Mr. Tom Horsman's videos. They were very helpful for me & he gives very good information. On my first cook, I smoked a pheasant & some ribs. It was a great cook. This weekend I am smoking Hawaiian Kalua Pork Shoulder (recipe by slapyourdaddy). If you are looking for a vertical smoker, you can't go wrong with Smoke Daddy. I am very happy with my purchase.
    Sandra McBee
  • Denny
    I had several questions, so I called and got every question answered quickly and honestly. I will be purchasing a 2300 tomorrow. thank you for your customer service, it is really appreciated!
  • Bill Lightner
    Ordered the pellet grill upgrade kit because my Traeger controller was out again and not allowing me to heat above 340. Installed all the new components and was impressed how well the Pellet Pro PID controller works. Temps were within +-5 degrees on a windy day.
    Bill Lightner
  • J. Kupfer
    Where do I start? I received my Pellet Pro around 7 years ago as a housewarming gift, its lasted this whole time until now. The old controller finally but the dust (lots of use and Florida weather) I called Dennis and all I can say is WOW, the best customer service I have ever received in a company.  He told me on what I need to to to get my smoker back up and working, answered all of my questions and more.  I love and use my PP almost every day for food prep, and weekends for long cooks.  I'm glad it's back up and running.  Thank you Dennis and crew for the help.  You have a long time customer always. J
    J. Kupfer
  • Joe Herbert
    I purchased the 12” pellet pro hopper assembly for a smoker build of mine. The assembly works great. Dennis and his crew helped me out by phone through the entire build. Great customer service. Thanks for a great product.
    Joe Herbert
  • Thomas Skoropad
    Great source for aftermarket grill parts. Friendly informative service. Great as advertised products.
    Thomas Skoropad
  • Jason
    I bought the Hopper Assembly back in June 2019 to convert my existing smoker.  I couldn't be happier with the service and the hopper itself!  The instructions were clear and the install was easy. I was up and cooking in about an hr.  I love not having to babysit my smoker now. It cooks great!
  • Doug Younts
    Used Smoke Daddy Hopper Assemblies to build a custom pull behind pig smoker with 2 hoppers.  Dennis was was great in helping with all the questions I had. The hoppers are great quality and are preforming as hoped. Highly recommend!
    Doug Younts
  • Raymond Mosley
    I just witness my brother use the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoker on his pellet grill and man, I got to get my hands on one of them. Can’t wait until my birthday that’s what I’m asking for!
    Raymond Mosley
  • David Bokemeyer
    Great customer service, answered all my questions. Very friendly, took time to listen and never made me feel rushed. Emailed additional photos and data as requested. After LOTS of research these are the people I choose to do business with.
    David Bokemeyer
  • Matt Webster
    Awesome products for Traeger grills!
    Matt Webster
  • Stuart Kennedy
    I received my spit roaster last week, assembled it myself in a few hours and couldn't wait to get cookin'. Cooked some chickens and pork loins, WOW best I have ever tasted and the clean up was the best part, so quick and easy.
    Stuart Kennedy
  • Mitchel Mondo
    Thank you!!!  I have owned my Pellet Pro for over 3 years now. I love it! – great product, great service! Every man should own one!
    Mitchel Mondo
  • Jake N
    Upgrading parts on my camp chef 36 is great with your products (so far heat deflector and grease tray). Plus the prices beat everywhere. Thanks for putting out great products
    Jake N
  • Brad Mueller

    Love your products! Looking for a quality cold smoker and and looks like I'm in the right place.

    Brad Mueller
  • Chris S.
    I want to thank Dan for helping me a few weeks ago with a new fire stick, and checking my controller….The new stick worked great…I'm back to BBQing…Best wishes, Chris Shrimpton
    Chris S.
  • Samuel Andolino
    Great customer service second to none. I purchased a PID controller for my Champ Chef which improved the performance of the grill. I contacted Dan in customer service about a small problem I was having. Not only was he fast in answering he sent me a picture to solve my problem. Friendly and helpful is what I call great customer service
    Samuel Andolino
  • Arthur Person
    Several weeks ago I purchased the Pellet Pro controller rebuild kit. Super fast shipping got it to me very quickly. All of the components are very high quality and everything fit like it’s supposed to. One thing I would like to see are some instructions included along with what tools you need to complete the job. After completing the installation, my first cook revealed some temp fluctuation problems. I called Dennis and explained my problem. It seems that when you use this system with a small pit ( mine is a Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite), along with very hot outside temps, like 90+ outside in direct sunlight, their isn’t enough air flow through the grill. Dennis recommended that when cooking with my grill, I needed to prop the lid open just a little to increase the air flow. Next cook, Beef Short Ribs was a resounding success! The controller kept the grill temp within 5-6 degrees +/- and Ribs were perfect. I can’t say enough about the great customer service from Dennis. He knows his stuff!! We will be getting another Controller rebuild kit soon for my son’s bigger Traeger.
    Arthur Person
  • Rene Alvarado
    I had purchased your guys front shelve in black coated steel. for my GMG Jim Bowie, I love the thickness of the shelves in 3-6 gauge steel could ask for a better product, I will be buying more part from your website absolutely outstanding quality in the future five stars rating can't wait to buy more bbq performance part in this website.
    Rene Alvarado
  • Anthony Freeman
    I have had my Pellet Pro grill since the first group of them were built and sold. It is superior in every way to any other grill of this type on the market and I have either used the competitive grill myself or had first hand accounts from owners and users of them. I have used only Branch Creek brand pellets for the entire time I have used my grill. I have never had a single problem with my grill since I put it together. No pellet clogs, no mechanical failures, no electrical failures. I have been caught outside in rain storms and hail storms and lightning storms over the years. The only problem I have ever had was one grid of the grill slipped by the inspector and missed being welded. It gives off a twang when I clean the grill and I think of it as a reminder that this Pellet Pro not only cooks barbecue like a dream, it is also built as tough as an Army tank!
    Anthony Freeman
  • Mark Grube
    I've owned a pellet pro grill for years and love it. Just ordered a vertical smoker had to do a split payment and Dan was great. It's so refreshing to deal with a company that has such wonderful customer service.
    Mark Grube
  • Lance
    I purchased the Pellet Pro PID Controller few weeks ago and it definitely works better than the stock controller! Dan and the crew are awesome!!! Thank you Smoke Daddy Inc!
  • Tyler Hartford
    I have a cafeteria tray transporter that I wanted to make into a cold smoker, for cheese, veggies and presmoked meat. And to have an option to add to my charcoal grill. So easy to use. Lots of smoke, just make sure you vent well. And just use the fan to get it started and you will have smoke for 4-6 hours. Their customer service is wonderful, and it is a product sold with love for the art of smoking/grilling. Good people and quality product.
    Tyler Hartford
  • Tim S.
    Just got the Sear Daddy today, put it together, did a burn in and cooked the most amazing cheeseburgers and vegetables.  This is the best accessory for any pellet grill!  I actually had sear marks and flame from my Rec-Tec grill which I love.  Just wanted to let you know what an awesome product this is.
    Tim S.
  • Kevin Fisk
    Very helpful customer service. Can't wait to use my Heavy D! (June 17th, 2019)
    Kevin Fisk
  • Greg casper
    Finally.. A pellet grill cooks great food every time but just doesn’t have that smoke flavor my offset has. I’ve threatened to sell it many times. The Heavy D Heat Diffuser has solved my problems.  The meat has a great wood flavor. Now my pellet grill is my favorite.  (June 17th, 2019)
    Greg casper
  • Kevin Morse
    I have really never experienced the high level of customer service anywhere that I have here!  These guys absolutely stand behind their product with fast, effective, and responsive support.  I am very impressed and wouldn't dare buy from another manufacturer!
    Kevin Morse
  • Al
    My wife bought me the Sear Daddy and the ash pot a couple of weeks ago. You can not go wrong Restaurant quality sear and a build quality that that is second to none! This thing is a beast and can hit 900. With an awesome turn around time you would be hard pressed to find better and you won't find anything like the Original Sear Daddy GUARANTEED!! Thanks so much for the great service.
  • Gionatan Attardo
    Great product and great customer service. My Pellet Pro has not let me down.
    Gionatan Attardo
  • Larry Daniels
    I’ve had my Pellet pro 770 for about 2 1/2 years the thing runs flawlessly no issues at all!
    Larry Daniels
  • Cale Beecher
    Ordered the pellet pro hopper last year… worked with pit boss and traeger this is built much better and love the controls.  Dennis helped me work out details on my refrigerator build too!
    Cale Beecher
  • Darrell
    I think the smoke daddy cold smoker is absolutely fantastic, I have two of them one of my big barbecue and one of my small portable barbecue and I use them all the time. Fantastic cold smoker.
  • Patrick Chavarrie
    Currently ordering my BBQ supplies to help keep my pellet grill running efficiently!
    Patrick Chavarrie
  • Steven Graeber
    Fantastic customer service, Top quality materials used in the products that smoke daddy sells. Couldn't be any happier.
    Steven Graeber
  • James Montgomery
    I used there product to build my pellet smoker everything works great, even the pellets are awesome.  Any questions about cooking or any type of Meats they always help me.  I'm from Dayton Ohio.
    James Montgomery
  • Vince Johnson
    I purchased the pro pellet 1190 and this is the best grill I’ve ever owned. The taste and tenderness of the food is like a fine restaurant in your backyard. This is definitely a five star grill and I highly recommended purchasing.
    Vince Johnson
  • Teddy
    Absolutely stellar product! I bought the 18" hopper with PID controller and have used it too many times to count. I built a very large smoker and this hopper has kept it running for over 24 hours straight. With chamber temps varying only +/- 4°f while outdoor temps were 8°f average.Support had been second to none. They even went above and beyond and have suggestions on smoker design before I even bought the product.This team knows what they're doing and it is evident in their attention to things that matter with BBQ.
  • Rene
    I bought the Smoke Daddy PID Controller because my controller is not a real PID controlled system. With the Smoke daddy Controller I have much more accurate temperature control and the quality is perfect!
  • John Raphael
    Ate some smoked meat from a friends from the smoke daddy smoker and it was awesome!
    John Raphael
  • Mel Mitchell
    I have been using a hopper assembly on the smoker that I built for several years now, it works great. Now I am building another smoker for a friend and will definitely be ordering a couple more assemblies.
    Mel Mitchell
  • Warwick Muir
    Love the products, great service to Australia and quick, I’ll be returning for sure!
    Warwick Muir
  • Robert
    I picked up a Pellet Pro Hopper Assembly for my custom smoker project. What a terrific piece of hardware! Great quality and it should make for a great piece for my project!
  • Chris Antoniadis
    We bought the charcoal rotisserie and we are very happy with it. We barbecued a lamb and pig so far and they came out great. We were very pleased with the outstanding costumer service and would recommend this company for any of your BBQ needs!
    Chris Antoniadis
  • John Gaskins
    Great place to purchase bulk pellets!!!
    John Gaskins
  • Tyson
    Great, high quality smokers and accessories. I will buy again, and recommend to everyone asks.
  • Donald Mowers
    We do BBQ catering, we used wood to cook our meats. Last year I bought the pellet hopper from Smoke daddy and we changed our way of smoking. We have cooked 100 lbs of brisket, 10 porks and a whole pig in this pellet hopper from Smoke Daddy. This June we are cooking 3 Pigs and 12 pork buts.
    Donald Mowers
  • Todd Z
    I’ve purchased a few of the cold smokers. These are really great, build quality is top notch. Takes a few mins to get them going good. I suggest a torch for a minute & a half. Set it under the unit and fill with wood chips.  These are great to add smoke to a propane smoker, or a cold smoking box for cheese, fish and a long smoke on bacon!
    Todd Z
  • Ken
    Great products. What beats that is there outstanding customer service.  Dennis, Liz, Dan, and the whole crew are fantastic people!
  • Lester Griffis
    First I must say is that Smoke Daddy's customer service is "TOP Notch" always willing to take the time to answer your questions or Dennis will call you is you leave a message. Their products are absolutely amazing I have both the PID controller and the big Kahuna cold smoke generator and both work beyond their descriptions. I highly recommend you giving them a call if you have any questions or trying any of their products…
    Lester Griffis
  • Shawn Pardue
    Bought the pellet hopper to make my own pellet grill and it holds temp just as they stated. Best hopper in the business in my opinion And awesome customer service!
    Shawn Pardue
  • Jay Olsen
    Just what my Big Green Egg needed!  Easy assembly, fill with chips, light, and smoke in minutes!! Great product!
    Jay Olsen
  • Mike Madjerec
    I purchased several Pellet Pro hoppers from Smoke Daddy. The Pellet Pro hoppers performed flawlessly. Smoke Daddy's customer service is excellent. Dennis and Dan have always been available to provide valuable input and suggestions. I will continue to do business with Smoke Daddy.
    Mike Madjerec
  • Gary J Fitzwater
    Great place to get all bbq and smoker supplies!
    Gary J Fitzwater
  • Andy Kobeski
    After talking to my friend at WFD and seeing the Smoke Daddy in action. I called to get more specifics. Thanks Dennis for the information. I'll be picking up my Smoke Daddy 680 later this week.
    Andy Kobeski
  • Nick Cimino
    Called them told the problem I was having with my PID controller they sent me a new meat probe at no charge and everything is great. thank you very much. Great customer service!
    Nick Cimino
  • Donnie Hoffman
    I have to say, their customer service is hands down the best. I was having trouble placing my order over weekend, sent email and Dennis responded very quickly, actually this went on a couple of times. Dennis was always quick to respond. Finally got my order to go thru late Sunday, it was shipped Monday morning and I recieved it Wednesday afternoon. Awesome people to deal with.
    Donnie Hoffman
  • Rex Logan
    I have the pellet pro 1190. Excellent product.. Customer service is top notch. Had an issue on a holiday and called. Dennis personally answered my question. Did 3 packer briskets today. Total of 48 pounds. Turned out perfect.
    Rex Logan

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