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October 19, 2017
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Replacement Pellet Hopper Auger
October 19, 2017
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OEM Replacement Drip Pan – Heavy Duty 11ga

(5 customer reviews)


Replacement 11 Gauge Drip Pans for Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills
Extra Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel!


Now with optional Pit Boss Adapter!

*Not Compatible with the Pit Boss 820 Grill*


Will fit on Traeger, Camp Chef, Pellet Pro, Pit Boss, RecTeq, and More!


  • 32″ x 16″
  • 20″ x 16″


  • 3-1/4″ Flange
  • 11 Gauge Steel

We now offer a specially designed adapter for Pit Boss Grills that feature the curved stye drip pan.  Upgrade your Pit Boss Grill to our thick 11 gauge flat drip pan and eliminate the hot and cold spots in your grill.

Have a Camp Chef grill?  We also offer the option to purchase a modified 20″ x 16″ Drip Pan for the Camp Chef Woodwind grill!

*PLEASE NOTE*  The Drip Pan for the Camp Chef Woodwind is NOT COMPATIBLE with the models where the grease is channeled to the corner of the drip pan. 


Large (32"x16"), Small (20"x16")

Pit Boss Adapter

No Adapter, With Adapter

Custom Pit Boss Adapter

Pit Boss Adapter for using the Pellet Pro Heavy 11 gauge Flat Drip Pan  

 Are you tired of the hot spot in your Pit Boss grill? This adapter will give you the ability to add the heavy 11 gauge heat diffuser and the heavy 11 gauge flat drip pan. This helps to eliminate the hot spot and helps even out the temperature in your grill.

The adapter also has a heat deflector to isolate the RTD probe to give you a more stable temperature throughout your grill.

This adapter easily fits on the left side of your grill and will hold the flat drip pan at the right height to allow you to put a standard heat diffuser under the drip pan or gives you room to add the Pellet Pro Heavy D Stick Burning Heat Diffuser to get that extra smoke profile.

*Compatible with the 34″ and 22″ length Pit Boss grills.*

*Not compatible with the Pit Boss 820 Grill*

5 reviews for OEM Replacement Drip Pan – Heavy Duty 11ga

  1. Mastiff Dude (verified owner)

    I ordered this 32×16″ Drip Pan to replace the stock one on my Traeger Texas Elite pellet smoker. (Traeger model BBQ075) The stock Drip Pan had warped badly and was difficult to remove/install. The warp in the Drip Pan also seemed to cause hotspots.

    This new Drip Pan fits PERFECTLY. It also has drip channels running the entire length of the pan – something that the stock pan did not have. The heavy gauge steel makes for a VERY HEAVY pan, which means it does a GREAT job of keeping the temperature stable across the entire surface.

    Smoke Daddy also did a great job of packaging this monster for shipment. Lots of strong structural cardboard to cradle the Drip Pan. It arrived with no dings or bends.

  2. Raymond Lee (verified owner)

    I was replacing my Camp Chef Woodwind louvered drip pan/diffuser that had rusted and warped. This drip pan is heavy and well-made. I would give it more stars if I could. Great product and value.

  3. Richard Espinosa (verified owner)

    Replaced the old thin warped drip pan from my traeger. This new one is very heavy duty and you definitely feel the quality. Love it!

  4. Edward Sepulveda (verified owner)

    Wow, don’t hesitate, just buy it, the quality is far above what came in the Camp Chef Woodwind. it’s great, thanks for making a product like this guys.

  5. jack.marcotte2 (verified owner)

    I purchased this to replace the rusted, warped mess that was the stock, louvered drip pan in my Camp Chef Woodwind 24. When it arrived, the difference in craftsmanship were obvious. The stock one had warped and rusted after the first high temperature cook in the Woodwind. This one is not louvered in case that is a feature you are looking for. Looking forward to my next replacement part from Smoke Daddy.

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