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About Zier’s

Located in Wilmette, Zier’s Prime Meats is an “Old-fashioned family butcher shop in a modern time” specializing in the finest Midwest raised USDA prime beef, fresh poultry, naturally raised pork, veal and lamb.

 With a smokehouse onsite we offer a variety of homemade smoked sausages and meats; including our Smoked Salmon, Lox and Smoked Olives. We also offer an extensive line of Wild Game and American Wagyu Beef; as well as unusual and hard to find gourmet sauces and spices. Including our very own soups ranging from an assortment of Bone Broths to an array of soups and chili’s all made here at Zier’s Prime Meats and Poultry.

History of Zier’s

Zier’s Prime Meats And Poultry Inc. was opened on Oct. 19th 1985, and has a very long and storied history. The building itself was built in the late 1880/1890’s, known then as Biess’ Market, in the village of Gross Point, IL. From that time on it has always been a meat market, making the transition from the Wilmette Meat Market,(1900 to 1920’s) to a local grocery and meat market (Pearson’s IGA) after adjoining with the neighboring building (1920’s to 1970’s), to the Ridge Avenue Butcher Shop(1971-1985), and finally to Zier’s Prime Meats.

The business has transitioned from just a local market providing everyday meats and dry goods to the premier meat market in the north shore of Chicago. Selling primarily USDA prime beef, naturally raised pork, poultry, veal and lamb, as well as unusual and hard to find gourmet sauces, soups, and spices. We also have an arrangement of wild game. Today Zier’s continues to be on the “cutting edge” of the business by providing not only the finest grade of beef, but being able to provide naturally raised, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, USDA Prime Beef from Creekstone Farms; the only company in the USA to test every head of cattle in their herd for BSE (mad cow disease) .

Located in the quaint village of Wilmette and described by the Zier’s as a lovely Midwestern Mayberry. It is credited by the Zier’s to be the reason for their success. “Our clientele are willing to pay for a superior product, but it must be the finest. Add outstanding customer service, and you have a recipe for a successful business!”

As we enter the 21’st century we will approach the internet the same way, the finest meat and poultry as well as in house made sausages and smoked products and outstanding customer service. We care about our internet customers as we would care for our local clientele. We look forward to serving you in the future.

– Dave & Denise Zier 


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